PFMA Bootcamp

Mon - Fri   
9:30am - 10:30am

Pure Fitness Martial Arts Bootcamp - Kickboxing, group fitness

Do you need more energy? Are you unhappy with how you feel about your body?  Are you recovering from childbirth, an injury at work, or just plain unmotivated?  Do you need to get in shape for sports season?  Is your personal trainer NOT FUN!!!  ARE YOU BORED? ARE YOU EMBARRASSED TO WORKOUT???  Do you wish you had a daycare to watch your little one while you workout!?  If you answered to yes to any of these questions you need to get into Pure Fitness right now!  Feel energized, perform better at work, be a more patient spouse and parent, have fun, LOVE WORKING OUT WITH US!!!  Drop in daycare available for 4 months and up.

 Only $300.00 for 8 Weeks.  Monthly membership available after attending first full bootcamp for $150.00 a month with autopay. $50.00 + onetime maintenance fee required at sign up. 

Adult Muay Thai

Mon – Fri

6:35pm - 7:45pm

Muay Thai kickboxing is the best way to learn self defense and get fit fast!  Our Muay Thai Kickboxing program is tough, fun, and practical.  Teens and adults are welcome, beginners to competitors, will all have the appropriate level of challenge, fun and learning.  "Be kind, be couragous, and above all BE HONORABLE."

All memberships are monthly with autodraft from a debit or credit card, no checks accepted.   3x/Wk $130.00 per month or unlimited classes $150.00.  Ask about our family rates! Get up to 50% off!  $50.00 + onetime maintenance fee required at sign up.

Kids Muay Thai
Mon Wed Fri

4:50pm - 5:30pm

Kids Muay Thai - Martial Arts for kids

QuikFit is our after school fitness program for youth and teens.  This program is designed for youth and teens to work on their core values, fitness, and PE credit for school.  School PE programs are slowly being cast aside and school sports are not for everyone.  QuikFit is a fun mixture of our Pure Fitness Bootcamp and Muay Thai program.  Kids can earn their ranks, learn self defense, respect for them selves and others. How to defeat a bully without fighting, and improve their overall mood and outlook on life.  The Quikfit class is broken down by expierience, and age appropriateness.  No student is lost or out of place.   If you need something cool to do after school, stop by the gym or give us call.

All memberships are monthly with autodraft from a debit or credit card, no checks accepted.   3x/Wk $80.00 per month.  Ask about our family discounts get up to 50% off!  $50.00 + onetime maintenance fee required at sign up.

Personal Training

All the time!!!

Personal Training - one on one attention for your body, your health, your lifestyle

One on one training is the best way to work on your fitness, technique, and details that only YOU need.  If you have special needs,  modifications, injuries, or ANYTHING,  our trainers are ready willing and motivating.  Get the undivided tailored attention you deserve with a one on one session with one of our world-class trainers. 

Cost varies per instructor, contact us to book with one of our coaches today.

Fight Team

Mon – Sat


Want to fight?  Fighting in the ring is a true test of your will and dedication to the sport of Muay Thai.  What better way to represent your school, and test your skill than in the ring.  Fight Team training is 5-6 days a week. 2x a day in the gym and additional training outside:  including running, weight training, sparring, padwork, and private training.  Fight team tuition $200.00 + tax includes:

  • Nutritional Counseling/Meal Plan/Supplementation

  • Body fat and muscle mass assessment

  • Private training with head instructors

  • Unlimited classes, including bootcamp and Muay Thai

  • Travel to events, seminars, and fights (no food or lodging, fighters expense)

  • Must be a current Muay Thai student with medical insurance to qualify. Fight team is by invitation only.