Our Drop in daycare gives parents the freedom to finally have a fun place for their little ones to hang out while they WORKOUT!!!  

10 Children are allowed in the daycare at one time per teacher.  Space is limited and daycare slots are not allowed to be swapped without permission.  For example: if you enroll in our 9:30am slot you may not swap for the 5:30pm slot unless there is room to attend.  In the interest of the children’s safety and child to teacher ratio; we insist on adhering to a consistent schedule.

  • Children may attend daycare as young as 4 months.

  • Snacks are allowed, no candy, soda, or chewing gum.

  • Electronic devices, are allowed in the daycare as long as they do not become an issue with the staff or fellow children in the daycare. No adult subjects, videos, games, songs etc. will be tolerated on electronic devices. The daycare staff has the right to check and view what is being used and or watched on devices. Device supervision is to ensure safety. This includes handheld games, ipads, ipods etc.

  • Children who need assistance going to the bathroom or changing diapers must be assisted by parent.

  • All diaper supplies must be provided by parent, there is no storage at the gym facility. All diapering supplies arrives and leaves with parent.

No children are allowed to attend drop in childcare if they exhibit symptoms of major cold, flu, or virus.  Which can include but are not limited to, the following symptoms: Consistent cough, green/brown running nose, fever, diarrhea, lethargic behavior, vomiting, constant scratching, vermin, mites, lice, colic, and inconsolable.   If a child has aggressive behavior we reserve the right to ask the parent to remove the child for the comfort of the child and the other children.

Drop in rates are charged on a monthly basis via ACH debit or credit card separate from other school memberships all taxes are included.

  • Up to 3 children $25.00

  • Daily rate $15.00

Drop in child care hours: