WWU Boxing Club

Learn the sweet science of American Boxing alongside the WWU Boxing Team! Whether you are interested in competing in amateur boxing or boxing for fitness, we will get you started. Classes consist of all aspects of boxing training, such as mitt-work, hitting the heavy bag, partner drills and sparring, as well as general fitness; we will be starting from square one with a strong emphasis on responsible defense.

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Western Washington Boxing

Join us at Pure Fitness Martial Arts on:

Wednesday’s at 3:15-4:15pm and Sunday’s at 10:00am-12:00pm.

$60 a month with a drop in rate of $10


Dylan Barber

  • WWU boxing coach

  • Group fitness instructor

  • Fighter for team Pure Fitness Martial Arts

  • ACE certified personal trainer

  • Sports psychology


Sean Barber

  • WWU Boxing Coach

  • Group fitness instructor

  • Fighter for Pure Fitness Martial Arts

  • BS in Kinesiology specializing in Injury Prevention

  • Strength and Conditioning Trainer